Sunday, August 12, 2012

My sports themed classroom

The scoreboard is just for decoration! The tennis rackets are my birthdays, and the basketball poster is my AR chart.
Rules and discipline
Helper chart
Weekly schedule (idea from pinterest)
Student cubbies
My door (usually my door is not quite this simple but I was tired by the time I got to my door!
Calendar (still have to add a few things)

My reading dugout!


  1. What did you make the scoreboard out of?

    Love the reading dugout!

    1. I just bought one of the big boards at Hobby Lobby, and the letters and things are just sticky vinyl and paper! I don't change the score or anything. It is just for decoration!
      And thank you!!!\

  2. How did you get your scoreboard to stay up in the corner?

    1. In my first classroom, I hot glued both sides to the wall. In my second classroom, I hot glued one side to the wall and then I hot glued a ruler to the wall and to the back of the board to get the angle I wanted!