Thursday, April 12, 2012

End of the Year Bulletin Board

Well, this may be my new favorite bulletin board!!!  With only 30 days left in school, we decided to go ahead and put up our end of the year board.  We usually do something about going to second grade.  Thanks to Maddie (She is in the last picture), my class has been obsessed with Angry Birds this year, so we only saw it fitting to use them on the board!  I love the way it turned out too!  On the white pieces of paper, the students wrote "In 2nd Grade, I want to learn....".  I labeled the pigs as our principal and two second grade teachers.  Then the students made their own Angry Birds.  I gave them the basic shape and some extra construction paper.  I had pictures of Angry Birds projected onto the board for them to use as a guide.  The birds turned out so cute and they are so different, but you can definitely tell they are Angry birds!!  We used pipe cleaners on the back of the birds to make it 3D!  We had the board finished Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday morning, the kids went nuts!!  Priceless!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shaving cream eggs

Easter Eggs - Every year, we do these shaving cream eggs.  We use food coloring, although I have seen some that use paint.  The kids love this project and are so amazed when we wipe off the shaving cream!!  We almost always do some kind of writing with our art projects.  For this one, the students had to come up with something that could hatch out of their egg.  It could be real or make believe, and they had to tell me about it, what it can do or eat, etc.

Hibernation Day

Hibernation Day - Each year in February, we hibernate!  We talk about bears and other animals that hibernate!  We read books about bears.  We love the series that includes Bear Snores On.  We also write, "If I were a bear, I would ..."  We then turn our desks into a cave by covering them with blankets.  The children bring their favorite stuffed animal and they read books in the cave.

In-school "Snow Day"

These are our pictures from our in-school "Snow Day"!!  We usually make sock snowmen, but this year we decided to try some new ideas from Pinterest.  We made the shaving cream/glue snowment!  They were precious and I love how they dried!  We also made the snow globes.  These turned out very cute too.  The glitter is covering up the child's picture, and they had to write "If I lived in a snow globe, I would...".  We then wrapped up students in toilet paper to look like snowmen.  We also had a snowball fight.  This was wadded up pieces of paper with each student's name on one.  Every few minutes, I would blow my whistle and everyone had to stop and pick up one snowball.  Then they had tell one nice thing about the person whose name was on the paper.  It was precious!!  We had a great day!