Sunday, April 8, 2012

In-school "Snow Day"

These are our pictures from our in-school "Snow Day"!!  We usually make sock snowmen, but this year we decided to try some new ideas from Pinterest.  We made the shaving cream/glue snowment!  They were precious and I love how they dried!  We also made the snow globes.  These turned out very cute too.  The glitter is covering up the child's picture, and they had to write "If I lived in a snow globe, I would...".  We then wrapped up students in toilet paper to look like snowmen.  We also had a snowball fight.  This was wadded up pieces of paper with each student's name on one.  Every few minutes, I would blow my whistle and everyone had to stop and pick up one snowball.  Then they had tell one nice thing about the person whose name was on the paper.  It was precious!!  We had a great day!

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